Membership Benefits

  • Meet great people and make new friends
  • Enjoy a variety of events and outings to meet varied tastes and pocketbooks
  • Monthly Calendar of events provided for the next two months
    to choose from
  • Opportunities to suggest activities that you might want to explore
  • 2-3 Dinner Dances per year
  • Learn about upcoming events/activities at each Monthly meeting

Other than having a good time…what else??                        


Is there a catch???


 Yes…..absolutely.   grin!!!  Because we are a member-run club and someone has to make things happen, we elect an executive each year to guide the process but we expect, after you have become comfortable within the club, that you will find ways to contribute.

You may choose to set up or take down at a house party, shop, bake….maybe be contact person for a pub night or dinner of the month….the easy stuff.   You may have skills you don’t want to lose that you can contribute or things you enjoy like baking or ethnic cooking for a theme event.  You may eventually choose to be on the executive or our governance committee..if you just love bylaws???…or maybe you don’t.    How about the website committee…or….Is there a trip or cruise you have always wanted to go on???.....There are sure to be others if you line up the members using an interest sheet and make it happen.
If you have great ideas…we need ‘em.   If you initiate something there are always others willing to help you to make it happen!!   

Enjoy!!!!    Having you a part of our club will enrich the lives of other members and they will surely do the same for you!



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