York Singles Club

What our members say: 

“I have met others you have been through divorce or widowhood and have forged new lives for themselves.   I don’t want to dwell on the past, but I’ve found kindred spirits are ideal role models.”

“I’ve just downsized and moved to a new community to be nearer my grandkids and need to make new friends and find an independent life for myself. It’s working.”

“My existing friends are mostly married and like to socialize as they always have, while I would like to explore what there is to do around me.”

“I need to be more active and would enjoy people to hike, skate, bicycle and snowshoe with.   I’ve met many people here who share my newfound  adventurous spirit.”

“I’m a recently retired man and wanted to meet other people who like to golf and/or camp, etc.”

“Love to travel and the yearly cruises and tours around the world are perfect for me. Now I always have friends to travel with.”

“Love the plays and concerts and that I can pick and choose whatever event I want to attend depending on my interests.    I don’t do sports.”

“I love playing Bridge!....and I’m getting so much better at it.”



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